Bulacan Agricultural State College

  Research Projects

1Awareness, Acceptance and Relevance of the VMGO of the College of Agriculture Programs in the Bulacan Agricultural State College1. Dinah Marie C. Dayag, Project Leader
2. James D. Letche
3. Evelyn Q. Alera
4. Zenon Gina F. Dela Fuente
5. Anthony V. Ferrer
2A Technical Innovation for Waste Management Thru Mobile Application (Phase 1)1.  Melanie A. Cruz, Project Leader
2.  Engr. Alfredo A. Taluban
3Academic, Economic, and Social Factors Affecting Performance in the ABE Board Examination1. Meriam F. Sulit, Project Leader
2. Franz Z. Miranda
3. Christine V. Grimaldo
4. Isabel Samantha C. Belonio
5. Daniel Alexis Belonio
6. Joselito D. Tucit
7. Cresan Joy Villaroman
4Awareness on RA 9262 of Selected Women of San Ildefonso, Bulacan1. Roselle D. Urbano, Project Leader
2. Edna Mae G. Cruz
3. Rhodora A. Iracta
4. Joselyna G. Quizon
5BASC Metarhizium anisoplae Production and Utilization1. Rael C. Tejada, Project Leader
2. Sheryll C. De Leon
6Bio-Conversion of Agricultural Wastes Using Compost Starters and Activators1.  Gabriel C. Fantilanan, Project Leader
2. Albert Ulac
3. Nerilyn Victoria
7Bulacan Farmers Adoption to Digital Technology, Project SIBOL: Systematic Innovation Building for Online Livelihood1. Michelle M. Cortez, Project Leader
2. Engr. Cresan Joy Villaroman
3. Russel Amira H. Balacania
4. Marian V. Caralde
5. Dr. Ma. Melanie A. Cruz
6. Dinah Marie C. Dayag
8Campuscapes: Examining the Linguistic Landscapes of Bulacan Agricultural State College1. Eiffel S. Nuñez, Project Leader 3,500.00
9Demystifying Disaggregated Data of BASC Employees: Basis for a Gender-Responsive Program1. Edna Mae D. Cruz, Project Leader
2. Maria Krisvie Abigale F. Mendoza
3. Engr. Joselito Tucit
4. Ericka V. Bautista
10Development of Course Offering System through Grade Assessment and Pre-requisite Checking (Phase 1)1. Florentino s. Casuco Jr., Project Leader
2. Maylene V. Samin
3. Ma. Melanie Ablaza-Cruz
11Development and Evaluation of BASC Nutri Food Products1. Franz Z. Miranda, Project Leader
2. Ma Fe Theriz G. Mallari
3. Love Salve H. Belonio
4. Marielle D. Gamboa
5. Crisabel C. Fajardo
12Development and Evaluation of Competency-Based Learning Materials (CBLM) for Rice Machinery Operation NCII (Phase 1)1. Engr. Joselito Tucit, Project Leader
2. Engr. Darius Mendoza
3. Engr. Shiela Marie Gatchalian
13Development of Canned Rabbit Meat Loaf1.  Marielle Gamboa, Project Leader
2. Ma. Fe Theriz Mallari
3. Joana Marie S. Bradecina
14Digital Self: Investigation on the Online Social Behavior of Students1. Norelline S. Gabas, Project Leader
2. Herdison Laurence V. Roberto
3. Lorna A. Santos
4. Ofelia V. Silverio
5. Arnold P. Santos
15Disaster Preparedness Education: A Closer Look at Students’ Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction Management1. Herbert M. De Jesus, Project Leader
2. Kim Mariel S. Casuga
3. Agnes R. Nartatez
4. Jerald D.F. Valmores
5. Princess Josephine Latuja
16Electronic Learning Guides for Agricultural and Biosystems Machinery and Power Engineering Specialization1. Engr. Joselito Tucit, Project Leader
17Employability of Bulacan Agricultural State College – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology1. Myrtel S. Bernardo, Project Leader
2. Christian C. Guillermo
18Employability, Perceptions and Feedbacks on BS Agriculture Program: A Tracer Study of Batch 2018-20191. Ryan P. Ceniza, Project Leader
2. Julita P. Mendoza
3. Rael C. Tejada
4. Honeylet J. Nicolas
5. Evelyn Q. Alera
6. Cindy S. Cruz
19Employability, Satisfaction and Feedbacks on BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Program: A Graduate Tracer Study of Batch 2017-20211. Meriam F. Sulit, Project Leader
2. Shiela Marie F. Gatchalian
3. Darius R. Mendoza
4. Rodwin Derick Catiis
5. Rhuelyn A. Ballaran
6. Cherry Mae C. Cuevas
7. Leslie M. De Jesus
20Experiences of BSBA and BSAM Student Interns during COVID-19 Pandemic1. Sigrid Ann V. Jao, Project Leader
2. Leah V. Indon
3. Aisanne Marie S. McNatt
4. Anabel A. Alayon
5. Mellanie B. Pascua
6. Annie Rose Pagdanganan
21Fear, Peer, Queer: A Phenomenological Study on Transgender OJT Students of BASC as Basis for Policy Recommendation1. Amerigo B. Ramos, Jr., Project Leader
2. Mary Ann D. Gimeno
3. Camille V. Valmadrid
22Fostering Business Students’ Critical Thinking thru Case Method1. Dr. Imee D. Esguerra, Project Leader 2,430.00
23Free-Range Chicken: Understanding the Supply Chain in the Province of Bulacan1.  Aisanne Marie S. McNatt, Project Leader
2. Dr. Honeylet J. Nicolas
3. Mellanie B. Pascua
4. Anabel A. Alayon
24Graduate Students Satisfaction on the Implementation of the Services Offered by the Office of Students’ Affairs of BASC1. Ma. Leonora V. Sta. Ana, Project Leader
2. Arnold P. Santos
3. Lorna A. Santos
4. Meriam F. Sulit
5. Norelline Gabas
25Heightening Professional Development: A Needs Assessment1. Rita S. Durian, Project Leader
2. Rose Marie Viado
3. Joycelin N. Caralde
4. Yosef Eric C. Hipolito
26Impact of BASC’s Agricultural Communication Interventions on Improving Agricultural Productivity of Farmers in San Ildefonso, Bulacan1. Nikki Ann V. Macabontoc, Project Leader
2. Yvonne D. Besmonte
3. Yrra Clarice L. Francisco
4. Jemmabelle C. Turla
5. Eloisa Mariano
27Implementation and Validation of Solar Energy-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Smart Irrigation System for High-valued Crops Cherry Tomatoes and Brocolli using Internet of Things (IOT) (A BASC Automated System for Improved Agricultural Irrigation – Phase 2)1. Engr. Myrtel S. Bernardo, Project Leader
2. Engr. Jermyn G. Evangelista
3. Engr. Shiela Marie Gatchalian
4. Rael C. Tejada
28iSTACK – Integrated And Systemic Technology for Agricultural E- Commercial Kart1. Ma. Melanie Ablaza-Cruz, Project Leader
2. Jhon Victor Acuña
3. Isabel Samantha C. Belonio
4. Florentino Casuco, Jr.
5. Cherry Mae C. Cuevas
6. Aisanne Marie McNatt
7. Christian Capulong
29Kaalaman ng mga Mag-aaral ng BASC Hinggil sa Akreditasyon1. Arnold P. Santos, Project Leader
2. Norelline S. Gabas
3. Herbert M. De Jesus
30KULINARYA BULACAN: Promoting the Province as a Gastronomic Tourism Site1. John Arrden F. Octaviano, Project Leader
2. Karen Joy G. Pacites
3. Sonny E. Dela Cruz
4. Bernard D. Villalobos
5. Joana Mae E. Gamboa
6. Rosh Lemuel P. Naluz
7. Regulus A. Caibigan
8. Camille T. Atienza
9. Robert A. Capalad
10. Benjie C. Timbang
31Landcom Project: Land Conflict Evaluation and Management Project in San Ildefonso, Bulacan1. Richelle C. Valino, Project Leader
2. Jhon Victor Acuña
3. John Patrick Ubaldo
4. Melmark Papa
5. Robert Anthony C. Wagan
6. Gladys Ann S. Plaza
32Language Learning in the “Now Normal” Face-to-Face Education1. Heidi M. Ladignon, Project Leadder
2. Joycelin N. Caralde
3. Jonathan P. Cruz
33Lived Experiences of BASC Solo Parent Employees1. Jocelyn A. Espiritu, Project Leader
2. Leah V. Indon
3. Karen C. Wagan
4. Billy Joe V. Villena
5. Michelle M. Gatdula
34Lived Experiences of BASC-DRT Student Mothers in the Re-Opening of Face to Face Classes1. Anthony C. Ortega, Project Leader
2. Salvador A. Guevarra Jr.
3. Getrudes L. Roque
4. Panjee Navales
5. Yadah A. Madlangbayan
35Low Temperature Wastewater on the Growth of Lettuce in an IBC Tank – Nutrient Film Technique (IBC-NFT) Aquaponics Systems (APS)1.  Engr. Cresan Joy V. Villaroman, Project Leader
2. Engr. Joselito D. Tucit
3. Dr. Susan C. Santos
4. Engr. Shiela Marie F. Gatchalian
5. Engr. Darius R. Mendoza
6. Engr. Daniel Alexis Belonio
7. Engr. Gladys Ann S. Plaza
8. Engr. Leslie Joy De Jesus
36Market Chain Analysis of Purple Yam Industry in Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan1. Karen W. Pastrana, Project Leader
2. Imee D. Esguerra
3. Dinah Marie C. Dayag
4. Billy Joe V. Villena
5. Anthony C. Ortega
37Measuring Psychological Well-Being and Work Ability of Security Personnal: Inputs to Enhancing Performance Mechanism1. Arnold P. Santos, Project Leader
2. Norelline S. Gabas
3. Herdison Laurence V. Roberto
4. Lorna A. Santos
38Performance Evaluation Input for Enhanced Faculty Development Program Implementation 1.  Engr. Alfredo L. Taluban, Jr., Project Leader 3,000.00
39Physical and Sensory Evaluation of Fruit Crisps with Bitter Gourd Leaves1.  Joy Christine V. Sta. Cruz, Project Leader
2. Engr. Isabel Samantha C. Belonio
3. Ma. Melanie A. Cruz
4. Engr. Gladys Ann S. Plaza
40Physicochemical and Nutritional Properties of Ready-to-Drink Ginger-Calamansi Tea Beverage1. Ma. Fe Theriz Mallari, Project Leader
2. Joy Christine V. Sta. Cruz
3. Rochelle S. Ravelas
4. Marielle D. Gamboa
41Potential of Carrageenan PGP in Improving Growth and Yield of Aerobic Rice1. Albert P. Ulac, Project Leader 2. Dinah Marie C. Dayag 3. Nerilyn J. Victoria 23,980.00
42Potential of Different Trees Species on Carbon Sequestration Towards Climate Change Mitigation1. Gabriel C. Fantilanan, Project Leader
2. Albert P. Ulac
43Preparation of Rabbit Frankfurter made with Different Lipid Source1. Joy Christine V. Sta. Cruz, Project Leader
2. Marielle D. Gamboa
44Production and Characterization of Bio-Charcoal Briquette from Coffee Pulp and Coffee Husk Using Different Ratio of Binder1. Albert P. Ulac, Project Leader
2. Gabriel C. Fantilanan
3. Nerilyn Victoria
45Readiness of Bulacan Agricultural State College’s Faculty on FIRe (Fourth Industrial Revolution)1. Christian Jorge E. Montalbo, Project Leader
2. Charlene A. Banes
3. John Paul B. Roberto
4. Ruby Ann C. Estrella
5. Sonny E. Dela Cruz
46RIMAGES: Rabbit Information Management and Genealogical System for Preserving Rabbit Farming and Production of BASC1. Ma. Melanie Ablaza-Cruz, Project Leader
2. Florentino Casuco, Jr.
3. Maylene V. Samin
47Solar Sharing Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform for High-valued Crops on Hydroponics System1.  Engr. Mrytel S. Bernardo, Project Leader 58,241.00
48Student Mothers’ Needs, Challengers and Coping Strategies: Basis for Intervention Program1. Christine Grimaldo, Project Leader
2. Joselyna G. Quizon
3. Mary Ann D. Gimeno
4. Marian V. Caralde
49Students’Attitudes Towards Online Learning on Physical Education at BASC1. Ralf Christian DG. Evangelista, Project Leader
2. Ron Kristoffer S. Cruz
3. Joiece Mariane M. Cruz
4. Erwin DP. Garcia
5. Roy Vincent Santos
6. Maria Arjie T. Domingo
50Teaching Encounters of Digital Immigrant Faculty Members of BASC in the Usage of Infused Technology Amidst 21st Century Instruction1. Jose Marie F. De Guzman, Project Leader
2. Yosef Eric C. Hipolito
51The Challenges of Academic Writing: Difficulties of Education Students in Research as Basis for Potential Interventions1. Maria Arjie T. Domingo, Project Leader 3,000.00
52Trends and Patterns of BASC Performance in Licensure Examinations: Towards Policy Reforms1. Jennifer P. Adriano, Project Leader
2. Maria Krisvie Abigale F. Mendoza
53Validation and Improvement of the Client Satisfaction Form (CSF) of the Offices in Bulacan Agricultural State College 1.  Engr. Joselito Tucit, Project Leader
2. Evelyn Q. Alera
3. Dr. Cecilia S. Santiago
4. Engr. Leslie Joy De Jesus
5. Cindy S. Cruz
6. Amerigo B. Ramos
54Value Chain Analysis of Carabao Meat (Carabeef) in Selected Municipalities of Bulacan1. Donaida B. Ramos, Project Leader
2. Kathleen T. Dionisio
3. Charlene A. Banes
4. Ruby Ann C. Estrella
5. John Paul B. Roberto
6. Nerilyn J. Victoria
55What a Waste: BASC Waste Management Program1. Edna Mae Cruz, Project Leader
2. Joselito D. Tucit
3. Julieta A. Asuncion
4. Viverly E. Mata
1Climate Smart Agriculture: Assessment and Adoption in Selected Provinces of Central Luzon1. Leonora C. Sta Ana, Project Leader
2. Maria Krisvie Abigale F. Mendoza
3. Jennifer I. Guevarra
4. Engr. Anthony C. Ortega
5. Amerigo B. Ramos
DA-RFO3 500,000.00
2Establishing a Viable Enterprise Using Free Range Chicken Technology in Bulacan1. Joanna Marie S. Bradecina, Project Leader
2. Dr. Cecilia S. Santiago
3. Dr. Julita P. Mendoza
4. Marivic A. Capalad
5. Nerilyn J. Victoria
6. Jeric V. Sapiendante
7. Aisanne Marie S. McNatt
DA-ACEF 5,000,000.00
3Karne ng Kuneho para sa Kalusugan at Kabuhayan1. Honeylet J. Nicolas, Project Leader
2. Cecilia S. Santiago
3. Erlinda DL. Palmario
4. Joanna Marie S. Bradecina
5. Nerilyn J. Victoria
6. Kathleen T. Dionisio
CHED 4,000,000.00
4Production and Standardization of Breeder Rabbits1.    Dr. Honeylet J. Nicolas, Ph.D.DOST-GIA 1,000,000.00
5Strengthening the Production and Marketing Systems of Selected Organically Produced Commodities in Region III1. Annie Rose P. Pagdanganan, Project Leader
2. Dr. Josefina C. Mananguit
3. Geraldine A. Cruz
4. James D. Letche
DA-BAR 4,603,499.00

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