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BASC Officials attends Regional Futures Thinking Executive Course for Region 3 SUCs

The “Regional Futures Consortium Workshop: High Level Anticipatory Leadership and Governance Executive Course” with the goal of coming-up with a “Regional Futures Agenda 2050 for Central Luzon”, was held on April 18, 19, 21, and 22. It was attended by key officials from the 13 SUCs of Region 3, including BASC’s Dr. Jameson H. Tan (SUC President III), Dr. Cecilia S. Santiago (VP AA), Dr. Honeylet J. Nicolas (VP REPD), Dr. Ronald Reagan T. Alonzo (VP AF), and Engr. Joselito D. Tucit (CIRPS TS and Director IPO). The Plaque of Collaboration was awarded during the dinner and Awarding ceremony on April 21.

The workshop was organized by the Philippine Futures Thinking Society (PhilFutures), the Senate of the Philippines, and the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), in collaboration with the Development Council of State Universities and Colleges of Region III, Center for Inter-institutional Research and Policy Studies (DC SUC III/CIRPS) through its Executive Director, Dr. Enrique Baking (President of Don Honorio Ventura State University).

The executive course consists of five modules namely: (1) Anticipatory Leadership and Governance: History and Key Concepts, (2) Theories of Social Change and Anticipatory Leadership and Governance Frameworks, (3) Anticipatory Leadership and Governance Tools and Methods, (4) Case Studies on Anticipatory Leadership and Governance, and (5) Scanning through the use of Regional Futures Framework. Modules 1 to 3 were delivered online through Zoom on April 18 and 19, while Modules 4 & 5 were held on-site (Face-to-Face) at the Hilton Clark Sun valley Resort at Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga on April 21 and 22. The Regional Futures is an initiative of the Senate Committee on Sustainable Development Goals, Innovation, and Futures Thinking.

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