Bulacan Agricultural State College


BASC Food Tech PRC Monitoring Visit: Upgrades Planned for cGMP Compliance

Recognizing the crucial role of Food Technology in national progress, the PRC Professional Regulatory Board for Food Technology (PRB-FT) recently assessed the program at Bulacan Agricultural State College (BASC). This monitoring visit on January 10, 2024, aimed to evaluate BASC’s performance and offer valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Led by Chairperson Hon. Anthony F. Sales and member Hon. Remedios Baclig, the PRB-FT team held a fruitful meeting with BASC officials, including President Dr. Jameson Tan. Present also in full support, the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Cecilia Santiago, QA Director, Engr. Alvin Quizon, and Dean for the Institute of Engineering and Applied Technology Ms. Michelle Cortez. The discussion focused on program updates since the previous visit and explored potential interventions to fill any gaps to boost BASC’s upcoming participation in the August 2024 Food Technology Board Exam.

BSFT Program Chairperson Joy Christine Sta. Cruz presented progress on past recommendations, impressing the board with the program’s faculty profile: all with MSc Food Science degree and units, and 75% Licensed Professional Food Technologists. This earned BASC full compliance in faculty qualifications.

An ocular visit revealed well-equipped Food Technology laboratories. However, Hon. Sales recommended upgrading the food processing plant to align with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines. BASC readily embraced this suggestion, highlighting their existing MoA for plant upgrades, ensuring cGMP compliance within 2024.

Concluding the visit, BASC affirmed its commitment to continuous improvement, aiming to produce graduates who not only meet professional standards but also contribute meaningfully to society and enhance the lives of Filipinos. The PRB-FT expressed confidence in BASC’s commitment and lauded their proactive approach to program advancement.